Resources for Training on ALE

Resources for Training Local Law Enforcement on the Roles and Responsibilities of ALE

As part of NLLEA’s mission, we strive to increase local law enforcement agencies’ understanding of the scope, role, and authority that Alcohol Liquor Enforcement (ALE) agencies possess in reference to regulating and enforcing alcohol control laws. In 2016, the NLLEA provided funding, through Cooperative Agreement # DTNH2215H00477/0001 with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to eight State ALE agencies to conduct trainings with local law enforcement agencies to improve partnerships and collaboration. As part of the project, the NLLEA created a sample training power point which each state tailored to reflect their agency’s scope, role and authority in preventing impaired driving and other alcohol-related public safety issues. The power points provided below may be used by other ALE agencies to create training materials to conduct similar trainings for local law enforcement. Law enforcement sensitive materials have been removed from the examples, but law enforcement agencies may request these materials from each agency’s contact person listed at the end of each presentation.


NLLEA Training

Arizona Training

Delaware Training

Idaho Training

Maine Training

Oklahoma Training

Tennessee Training

Tennessee Handout for Local Law Enforcement

Utah Training

Utah Training Handout

Virginia Training

Virginia Handout for Local Law Enforcement